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What to do in Vlissingen


Whether the weather is good or bad, simply enjoy the sea and beach view from the boulevard. Also pay attention to the impressive ships sailing by.


This attractive beach lies right across Boulevard Evertsen. A great place to relax and enjoy the sun in summer, or to feel fresh air on your face in winter!


Besides a Pirate Parc and Sea Aquarium, the Arsenaal houses a theatre, restaurants, a snooker and pool centre, and game area.


This big square is the centre of social life in Vlissingen. If you're looking for something to eat or drink, the Bellamypark is the place to be.

Zeeuws Maritime MuZEEum

The museum helps keeping the maritime history of Vlissingen alive. A part of the museum is housed in the 'Lampsinshuis', a former city palace.

Reptile Zoo Iguana

Iguana is Europe's largest, roofed reptile zoo, and located at the Bellamypark. It is home to hundreds of animals, including lizards, turtles and spiders.